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Moving to the City-
We sold our house a year ago. We had Patrick inspect the house we were going to sell. We wanted his advice on anything we could improve on before putting our house on the market. He was very helpful and honest. We loved his service so much that we also had him inspect the home we wanted to purchase. He was professional, detail oriented, and personable. We were so impressed with his inspection and the time he took to answer any questions or concerns we had. We would recommend his business to anyone!

R. Roth


All the little things-

As a first time home buyer I was stressed out about this purchase. The house was not perfect by any means and there were a lot of little things that in my opinion should have killed the deal! Patrick actually changed my mind regarding my role in buying a home.

Instead of freaking out about all of the little things that had to be fixed, he showed me that all of those little things could be fixed very quickly and easily by me and have become pieces of pride that I can talk about at BBQ's.

Just like the little things in life that don't matter, neither did these. I bought the house, have since fixed everything and my wife has the home of her dreams! Talk about a Win/Win!

D. Makin


Seeing the light-

We already own a home but grew out of it. My wife and I found a home that needed a lot and I stress “a lot” of work!  Patrick showed up and things immediately became borderline comical. As Patrick started the inspection, my wife and I, we started to nitpick everything we saw and Patrick would smile then just giggled under his breath. From the color of the grass, the color of the house and even the floors in the house were just some of the complaints that we bent his ear with.

After the inspection was done, Patrick said something that turned a light on inside of us. He said, “I love when a home buyer finds all of the things that they want to change during the home inspection! 

We looked at each other and realized that there was really nothing wrong with the items we discussed. We were in fact changing everything in our minds before we even bought the house! The funny thing is that we did change everything we wanted in that home. We invited Patrick out to see it after we were done and he just smiled and giggled.
R. Santos


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