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Alarm System Inspection

When you are buying or selling a home, it is important to have a security alarm inspection performed.

In the event that an inspection is not done, you really have no idea if the alarm system works at all! The lights may come on, but do you really know if it works, do you?

Do the sensors in the doors and windows work? What about the wall sensors? When was the last time that the battery was replaced? Is the system outdated? The bottom line is that you don't really know anything about the alarm system.


 In today's environment, crime is on the rise regardless of its location. Luckily, Kootenai County has always had a very low crime rate. (See links to the right of the page for statistics)

Like any complex electronic system, security alarm systems require periodic maintenance and inspection to guarantee proper functioning in times of emergency. The safety and protection of your home and business, as well as, the continuity of its operation, depend on your system operating at peak efficiency.

Our certified alarm inspectors provides comprehensive fire and security alarm inspection services impacting vital life/safety issues at your home or business facility.

Our professional inspection services include:

  • Performing a comprehensive on-site inspection of your alarm system
  • Providing compliance results for your municipal Fire Department and insurance carriers
  • Reviewing the results with you, making recommendations based on inspection and answering all questions

Alarm System Inspection Checklist

  • Clean, test and certify the operation of your control panel
  • Verify the operation of the transformer and alarm circuit breaker and verify it is clearly placarded.
  • Check to make sure all zones are marked clearly in/on your control box and record the electronic resistance for every zone.
  • Activate alarm zones and test the displays and trouble buzzers.
  • Clean, test and certify keypad operation.
  • For residential systems with combination panels, clean, test and certify all smoke and heat detectors and test sensitivity.
  • Verify glass break sensors are proper properly working.
  • Walk-test all motion detectors to insure proper coverage and clean to prevent false alarms.
  • Check delay times on entry & exit.
  • Visually inspect wiring & test contacts, shunt switches, inside/outside sounding devices and strobes.
  • Replace wireless batteries if needed and check for proper signal strength.

Is your alarm system in compliance?

Did you know?

  • Your municipal Fire Department, as well as, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires annual inspections of your Fire Alarm System.
  • In addition to putting lives and property at risk, non-compliance of annual inspection mandates can also bring hefty monetary fines from your municipal fire department for false alarms.
  • In the event of an incident or loss, one of the first steps investigators take is to verify records that maintenance and inspections were kept current.
  • Insurance premium rate reductions may average between 5 to 20% for residences and businesses with regularly inspected and functionally certified alarm systems.






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