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Government procurement in the United States addresses the federal government's need to acquire goods, services (including construction), and interests in real property. It involves the acquiring by contract, usually with appropriated funds, of supplies, services, and interests in real property by and for the use of the Federal Government through purchase or lease, whether the supplies, services, or interests are already in existence or must be created, developed, demonstrated, and evaluated. See 48 C.F.R. 2.101 ("Acquisition" defined, as to goods and services only). Federal Government contracting has the same elements as contracting between private parties: a lawful purpose, competent contracting parties, an offer, an acceptance that complies with the terms of the offer, mutuality of obligation, and consideration. However, Federal contracts are subject to volumes of statutes dealing specifically with Federal contracts and the Federal contracting process, most of which can be found in Titles 10, 31, 40, and 41 of the United States Code. In short, while the fundamental theoretical underpinnings of Federal contracting and contracting between private parties are the same, Federal contracting is much more heavily regulated.
Our company is authorized to do business with the Federal Government. When contacting or looking us up for a contract or grant, below is the correct information:
Company Name: TGI Global Incorporated
Dun & Bradstreet Number: 078737240
Cage Code: 6UV23
Contact: Patrick Fesler
Phone: 208-550-8306

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