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Accent Home Inspection Solutions evaluates real property through a combination of experience, education, training, and licensing.  Although there are no requirements for a home inspector in Idaho, our Certified Master Inspector holds three (3) insurance and investigative licenses. Our professionals will have the time, patience, and desire to explain the condition of the property.


General Home Inspections:

Foundation, Drainage, Roof, Flashing, Exterior and Interior Walls, Masonry, Doors, Locksets, Windows, Screens, Floors, Ceilings, Attic Framework, Ventilation, Gutters, Decks, Garage Doors, Fireplace, Gas Starters, Lintel, Flue, Dampers, Chimney, and Insulation.

Mechanical Equipment
Heating and Cooling Systems, Filters, Ducts, Blowers, Pilots, Controls, Compressors, Condenser, Coil, Fan, Condensate Drain, Auxiliary Drain, Suction Line Insulation, Elements, Built-in Appliances: Range, Oven, Vent-a-Hood, Microwave, Compactor, Dishwasher, Disposal, Garage Door Opener, Ceiling and Ventilating Fans and Heaters.

Water Supply, Drains and Vents (exposed), Kitchen, Bath and Utility Sinks and Faucets, Exterior Hose Bibs, Tubs, Showers, Whirlpools, Commodes, Hot Water Heaters, Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve.

Service Entrance and SubPanels, Door Bell, Intercoms (radio only), GFI(Ground Fault circuit Interrupter) protection, Wiring, Switches and Outlets, Ceiling and Wall Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, Smoke Alarms, Dedicated Circuits, and Grounding.

These items and more are all inspected. A report is generated and issued with repair items listed in an easy-to-read manner. Too often, homes and multi-family properties are sold for a considerably higher price than when they were acquired, without any substantial improvements or needed repairs made to underlying and critical property components and systems. Bad furnaces and boilers, roof leakage, substandard electrical work and structural deficiencies (or even failures) are just a few of the many things that can rapidly knock the re-sale profit right out-of your property investment!

Commission an inspection of your prospective investment property from a Premier North Idaho Home Inspector who has YOUR financial interests in mind. Invest with the confidence that everything is properly represented by YOUR seller. You'll find our investor inspection process to be exactly what you need to start a successful real estate investment strategy off on the right foot.

We also perform Security Deposit Inspections - We'll document the condition of a unit or property before it's occupied. Avoid the hassle of security deposit disputes when your renters move out.

·         So let's bullet-point some of the biggest reasons we've seen to get an investor inspection:

·         Provides information that helps create a more precise and accurate budget for your project - protect your target ROI!

·         Your time is better spent pursuing other investment opportunities or performing other income-producing activities

·         Average inspection time is 2-3 hours

·         Average response time to an investor request is 24 hours

·         The inspection is performed by a professionally trained and objective 3rd party who understands your needs and wants

·         You'll have a professional team member you can trust and call on with very short notice

·         Adds professional credibility and objectiveness when working with sellers (banks, lenders, etc.) and other 3rd parties since we have no vested interest in the property

·         A report may or may not accompany the inspection, dependent on your preference, which allows the results to be delivered immediately upon completion of the inspection and reducing inspection down-time even further (this assumes you or your representative are present and able to escort and take notes)





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