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What do I get when I purchase any of the PSC Reports?

After receiving documentation supplied by you the customer, our staff matches the policy number that you supply to a potential insurance company. Within 72 hours from the time of your purchase, we will forward the list of potential insurance companies names and company phone numbers to your email via pdf.

If there are no results do I still have to pay for the service?

You are paying for a service and upon execution of that service, our staff cannot be held responsible for the information or lack of, that you are provided when you are involved in an accident. Our research department can only research the information that you provide. If the policy number is off by one letter or number, it could affect the outcome of the results.

If I dispute the amount with the credit Card company, will I still owe for the service?

In the event that the service is not paid for, your account may be forwarded to a collection agency for credit reporting and a collection fee of up to 18% will be added to the outstanding debt.

How much does it cost for the service?

Each service cost is listed below the explanation of that service.

What if I lose the report that I receive to my email?

Our company does not retain any information that it provides to you the customer. If the report that is sent to you is lost for any reason, the information can be obtained again at the original cost.

Can I get a discount for running multiple policy numbers?

Absolutely! We welcome clients that can utilize our services on a daily basis.  

How do I forward the information to you?

Click on the directions page for information.

What do I (the customer) need to send you to run a report?

Our site gives you the options to download the documents from our site. We need a copy of the signed request form, a clear copy of the police report.

How can I send the information to you?

There are four (4) different ways to forward information to us.

1. Scan and email to
2. Fax to: 208-712-3090
3. Mail Docs to:  Secura Investigative Solutions
                             Insurance Division
                             PO Box 623
                             Rathdrum, ID 83858
4. Send Via Overnight Express to:
                            Secura Investigative Solutions
                            16198 N Fowler Rd
                            Rathdrum, ID 83858








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