Relocation Inspection
Each time a family is uprooted because of a company relocation, they leave behind a potential trail of liability. Opening up themselves and their company to a liability that could have been foreseen if they just had a relocation inspection performed.

Even more, as soon as the transferee arrives at their destination, they could easily run into issues that they cannot back out of. They may have traveled 3,000 miles, moving from Florida all the way across the United States. If an inspection is not done, the original party that caused any problems or any defects will become the problem of the homes new arrival.



Relocation Inspections:
When corporate America relocates their employees, many times, the company will offer their employees a relocation package as an incentive to have them relocate. A relocation inspection is performed to see what the condition of a house is when a homeowner is relocated by their employer.

Origination Inspections

If you are moving from the North Idaho area, an origination inspection is designed to protect you and your company as you get ready to embark on the next step in your life. We do this by providing you with the information you need and right when you need it. We inspect the property before the relocation process, including but not limited to; home inspections, radon testing, termite inspections, structural inspections, septic inspections, specialty inspections.

Destination Inspections

Our relocation inspectors have discovered that destination inspections can be extremely valuable to both the company and the employee. Defects caused by normal use by transferees during ownership often pales in comparison to the potential for major defects that may exist in a home prior to its purchase–which can easily exceed many tens of thousands of dollars if not discovered.

These defects can plague a transferee while they live in the home, and seriously disrupt the employee and the company during a future relocation. Destination inspections help shield you from such risks!




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