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10-Point Roofing Inspection Process

It’s nearly impossible to judge a roof’s condition from the ground, and getting on the roof can be hazardous for most homeowners. The only way to get a full evaluation is to have a qualified professional perform an on-roof inspection.

ACCENT has developed a detailed 10-point inspection process to help our customers make educated decisions regarding roof repair.


When we arrive at your home, our roofing specialist will likely begin by examining the interior of your home, looking at ceilings, walls and attic spaces for any evidence of water damage. He’ll survey the perimeter of your home, noting the location of roof features and observing the condition of siding, soffit, fascia and guttering. Water stains, hail damage and dry rot on these areas could signal problems. After climbing onto the roof, he will closely examine the roof structure, noting areas of concern such as:
Missing roof tiles or shingles

• Loose or worn shingles
• Loose or missing flashing
• Damage caused by branches, hail or lightning
• Dirty, clogged or improperly working gutter systems
• Damaged or missing vents, or other roof penetrations that are not in good condition
• Holes caused by rodents, raccoons, etc.
• Caved-in areas on roof decking
• Stains or rot on fascia or soffit areas that indicate a possible roof leak
• Any stains you have noticed in your ceiling will be checked for roof leaks

During the inspection process, our roofing specialist will take digital photographs of each area. These will be furnished along with a written evaluation regarding the need for roof repair or replacement. If you think you may have roofing issues, don’t delay!



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