Snowbird Inspection
Vacation Inspections are a service we offer that is geared toward homeowners that leave their homes for extended periods. Perfect examples of our typical clients are retirees residing in a retirement community that leave our cold North Idaho winters for a warmer climate.

Our goal is to give our clients ‘Peace of Mind’ while they are away. We accomplish this by visiting the home on a weekly or monthly basis, and performing what we call a mini inspection.


Accent Home Inspections offers a maintenance program for our snowbird customers. These services are provided at a monthly cost and contain specific services. All services will be provided under an agreement which will detail out responsibilities of each party and expectations.

Services provided on each visit:

Mechanical Checks:
- Air conditioner and furnace checked for proper setting and operation
- Fuel level in tanks will be inspected (If applicable)
- Electrical service panel will be inspected for tripped breakers caused by power surges and re-set
- All smoke detectors will be checked for proper operation
- Doors and windows checked to assure they are locked, as well for forced entry damage, and vandalism
- Room lighting will be changed as per owner’s request.
- Remove all unwanted fliers/newspapers
- Your home will be securely locked upon completion of inspection
- Home checked for condition and cleanliness left by authorized visitors
- The exterior will be inspected for: snow & lawn care, gutters system, house & septic vents,& drainage problems

Interior Checks:

- Check for signs of obvious water leaks from interior sources (i.e. hot water heater, interior plumbing)
- Check for signs of obvious water leaks from exterior sources (i.e. cracked walls, window seals, sewer back-up, leaks from adjacent condo units)
- Check refrigerator for proper operation (if left on) or mildew accumulation (if turned off)
- All rooms are inspected for evidence of roof leaks, including door and window frames
- Unless otherwise requested, all faucets will be turned on run water through sinks, tub/showers, and flush toilets to prevent dried gaskets and traps
- Visually check for pests/insects/rodents


You will receive notification of all inspection results:

If no problems are detected – We will contact you by phone to notify you that all is well. If you prefer an e-mail will be sent out instead, we can do that after each visit.

In the event a problem is detected that requires immediate attention, you will be notified by phone or email whichever you prefer. After contacting you, we will gladly contact your vendor of preference to make any repairs. If you do not have a preference, we will refer and contact someone for you. Extra services will be billed by the repair contractor directly to the client.

Additional Services Offered:

We can provide additional services outside of our standard package; please call to discuss your specific needs.





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